There has been a lot of talk recently about bringing the Fulham striker/winger Clint Dempsey to Old Trafford. While I cannot argue that he is having a phenomenol season, I don’t see this as a viable option For Manchester United on many levels:

Too Much Competition
For those of you touting Dempsey as a Red Devil, consider what United actually NEEDS is creativity in the central midfield, not another goal scorer. Dempsey’s great form has come being used primarily as a striker and/or winger and I would argue that United have a glut of talent at the position(s) he’d fit best, and that he’d be hard-pressed to displace one of the incumbents on a regular basis.

Let’s look at Clint Dempsey’s year so far: 20 goals, 6 assists. Outstanding! Now let’s compare to the strikers United already have:

Welbeck and Chicharito platooning as the second striker have 24 goals between them – 12 goals each – with 7 assists (5 and 2 respectively). These two in tandem have already been more productive than Dempsey.

Wayne Rooney is currently sitting on 31 goals with 8 assists and will not be seen coming in off the bench any time soon unless he is rehabilitating an injury! I would say that his position in the first team is cemented and Sir Alex will always be deciding who to pair with him, not whether he should start.

Valencia – 6 goals and 15 assists and is fast becoming one of the premier right wingers in the league.

Young – 6 goals 11 assists and is finally finding his form after battling injuries for a big part of the season.

Nani – 8 goals 11 assists, can play both wings, has pace in abundance and as soon as he finds some consistency, he will be immovable as a starter.

Dempsey does not have the pace nor creativity already gracing the United wings. He is best suited to providing a big body as a target up front.

Waste of Talent
Given the stiff competition for minutes, Dempsey would likely be relegated to being a bench player a la Park, or Berbatov. I find this to be an utter waste of arguably the best football player the United States has ever produced. Selfishly I want to see Clint Dempsey on the pitch, getting lots of minutes and doing what he can to help show the world that Americans can actually play football at the highest level.

While possibly OUR best player, he is not THE best player around and should move to a club where he can be part of that club’s best XI and play regularly – and of course get himself a raise.

Too Old
Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes notwithstanding, Manchester United are making a clear and deliberate move toward youth. At 29, Clint Dempsey is very likely at his peak and doesn’t offer what Old Trafford is currently looking for – huge upside potential. If Manchester united are getting the same production out of the Hernandez/Welbeck platoon and they are 23 and 21 respectively, it would seem they have far more to offer the club long term.

So while Clint Dempsey is having a terrific campaign and I believe that he should look to make a move during the summer, I do not see him landing at United. He is not the right fit for the club and does not fill any of the voids the team currently has. I believe United’s money would be better spent chasing after someone like Mesut Ozil, or even Kaka – who is older, but can fill the shoes of Paul Scholes for a few more years while the club develops a replacement (Cleverly?) or is finally able to purchase one for a reasonable price.

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